Tuesday, June 12, 2007


*note the sarcasm in the title? I thought you might*

I pulled a few different Memes from The Daily Meme and tried each on recommendation of VirusHead.

From Tina's Tuesday:

  • Have you ever been on a diet? If so, when? Dozens! Starting from the time I was about eighteen, I believe.
  • What was the most pounds you have ever lost? Seventy-some. Fen-Phen. I gained back more than I lost. A lot more.
  • Are you currently on one now? If so, mention your stats (start, lbs lost, etc). I am not on a diet as there is no end to this journey. I'm changing my relationship with food and losing weight along the way. So far, I have lost 30 lbs since July, 2006 with help from WeightWatchers and Our Lady of Weight loss.

From That's My Answer

Can you name three albums you owned when you were younger than you’re embarrassed about now, but secretly enjoy?

  • 1. "Annie." I brought it to music class 'show and play' every Friday of 4th grade when the cool girls brought in the soundtrack to Grease. All the way through H.S. the same girls never let me forget it. I still hate Grease.
  • 2. A 45 of Madonna's "Material Girl". I didn't have the special adapter to play 45s on my record player so I had to weight the disc with pennies placed just right.
  • 3. Every album Poison put out, on tape.

From Ten on Tuesday : Time to Brag: 10 Awesome Things About You

  1. I'm a fabulous cook.
  2. I'm stand-up comedy funny
  3. I am the hottest (steadily slimming down) fat chick I know.
  4. I have a natural, disgustingly sunny disposition.
  5. (With apologies to YaNo..)I am a great hugger and collector of great hugs.
  6. I have beautiful eyes.
  7. I have sexy lips.
  8. I give good phone.
  9. I am naturally empathic.
  10. I value diversity by nature, not popular trend.

By far the hardest one to do was the last.

We're taught from infant hood to wait for recognition from others; to avoid mentioning what we like about ourselves. It's rude, it's arrogant, boasting, we're told. Later, we're criticized for seeking the approval of others and not being content within ourselves.

Pretty hard to live up to, isn't it? People who love us and want the best for us unwittingly send us mixed signals.

There's a place in this world for healthy self esteem (key word: healthy) and step one is remembering to say nice stuff about yourself to yourself.

I'm taking a page from Jack Handy : I'm good enough. I'm smart enough and dog-gone it, people like me!

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VirusHead said...

I loved Annie and Grease (and lots of others) and I wasn't cool at all. By sophomore year, though, I was in drama club. I still wasn't cool. Never really been cool.

We could swap mean girl stories...

Virushead said...

I'm good enough...

Eric said...

Hey you! I owe you an apology... sort of. I met with Aynde last weekend, and I got the name "Monica" stuck in my head for you!! How was that???? Well, I could only track it back to the "celeb lookalikes" thing on Catholic Mom's site... yours was Courtney Cox, who played "Monica" on Friends. So... anyway, it just drove home that I need to read your blog more often now that it's all back up and active. :)