Monday, June 18, 2007

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Your Greek Goddess Soulmate (With Pictures) Girls Only

Goddess Athena
You are most like Athena. She was the divine sponsor of warriors and heroes, she introduced several of the arts and crafts necessary for civilization, and she represented wisdom. Obviously, the goddess played a prominent role in Greek mythology. The poet Hesiod states that Athena emerged from the head of Zeus; indeed, she sprang out fully grown and armed for battle. The idea that she was born from a male underscores her relationship with men, both divine and human. In the human realm, Athena consistently becomes a protector of heroes; while in the divine she completely avoids sexual liaisons with gods.
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What is your TRUE name?

The Irish-Celtic god of the earth and treaties, and ruler over life and death. Dagda, or The Dagda, (''the good god'') is one of the most prominent gods and the leader of the Tuatha D Danann. He is a master of magic, a fearsome warrior and a skilled artisan. Dagda is a son of the goddess Danu, and father of the goddess Brigid and the god Aengus mac Oc. The Morrigan is his wife, with whom he mates on New Years Day The Dagda is portrayed as possessing both super- human strength and appetite.
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What Mythical Creature Best Suites Your Personality?

You are sweet and forgiving. People love you, there is no doubt about that. Keep it up and you will become Miss. Populartiy!!! You arn't timid and you let people know that in a nice way. Congratulations!!!
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What is your Spiritual gift?

You have a very special gift. You are a Meduim .....AMeduim is some one who can talk with spirit and bring peace to those who have lost loved ones and the loved ones they lost. This is a gift that you must use wisely and not take for granted.
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You are a Hindu. Beleiving in many different Gods, and reincarnation. If you are American and got this one, don't be scared. Look into it
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Which Tarot Arcana are You? (women)

Completion, reward, assured success. Triumph in all undertakings. Arrival at the state of cosmic consciousness. Can mean also movement in one's affairs or travel.
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MMm... loving the last one. The very first reading I ever did (and come to think of it, the latest too) turned up this card in the Final Outcome position.

Speaking of, I had a Tarot reading done at the Ren Faire this weekend. It was the first time I let someone read for me. She spent an hour with me, working and talking. It was fascinating.

There was lots I have seen before in my own readings but also I learned a lot that I might not otherwise have seen with out help from an outside observer. By that, I mean that some cards I see all the time for myself turned up in familiar positions. However, there were some present in very (uncomfortably) accurate positions which I never have. Also, some recurring themes; a card that we get almost every time we read for MadManda came up in portion the reading concerning her specifically. COOOOOOL!

Best of all, she offered to send me some materials she used to use to teach _ for free_ and even sent me home with a book on Palmistry. It felt very much like a case of being led to someone who might help guide me in the next step on the journey. Wonder where I'm going next!


Mad Madam Manda said...

Random thought: Athena was "born" from a man...for his use? (Use here meaning War/fighthing)

Wasn't Eve said to be "born" from the rib of Adam?


Mad Madam Manda said...

ONe more thing to add to the Adam thing, she was born for his "use" (Use here meaing he was bored)

MamaChristy said...

Ahhh... ok. Getting a bit deep into the mythology thing, eh?

Mad Madam Manda said...

Well it was just a thought. Sorry the whole Symbolism thing is still working...stupid Voigt.

Heidi said...

What fun.

One note - Athena wasn't subservient. She is the Huntress, the Greek goddess of justice, war, wisdom, the arts, industry, and skill.

She was the favorite child of Zeus, since she sprung full-grown from his head.

Her gift to Athens was the olive tree.