Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Surprise. I'm back. And other surprises.

I am having gastric bypass surgery at the end of the summer. Surprise!

Nearly ten years ago, I started thinking about this option. I knew people who had it and did very well, some not so well. I noticed surgery wasn't a cure for addiction issues, emotional problems or low self-esteem. I sympathized with the what appeared to be incredibly difficult (and sometimes disgusting) side effects of a stomach (or pouch) the size of a golf ball. Sometimes I agonized with them while they struggled with the same dragons they'd been fighting all their lives.

Obviously, this decision wasn't a cure all. People I knew who were.. well, damaged going in, remained damaged on the other side. Damaged with a pouch instead of a stomach and maybe a smaller ass but still damaged. Someone I know who was an addict before is an addict still, still goes in and out of rehab on a regular basis. He's just an addict with a smaller pant size.

I spent years reading websites like and learning about patient's experiences, insurance company fights, private pay woes, weird side effects.... and amazing sucess stories.

I learned about the Lap Band, the duodenal switch, the Roen-y and everything in between. I had no insurance and we had no money. My ass expanded in destitution.

Things have changed, a lot. I've thought, a lot. I've researched, a lot. "A lot" has just lost it's meaning for me and now looks like alien.

I am doing this. I'll tell you why, piece by piece. In boring detail. If you want to know (or suffer from insomnia), stay tuned.

My First You-Tube

Well, actually it's Cheryl's first. Kindergarten graduation was last night.. with a little music program first. I love the way Cheryl's school sets these up, by the way: short and oh so sweet.

You can't hear the song, the video's jumpy (taken on a digital camera, not a video camera) but the point is... It's hysterical! Ok ok ok, if I can get geeky assistance and a song that I think goes well with it, I'll add some appropriate music. In the meantime, please enjoy Amanda's running monologue!

My favorite author, Janice Taylor says laughter's great for weight loss(check out her new book, please! I'm loving every second of "All is Forgiven, Move On") and she's absolutely right. Have a yummy giggle on me!