Monday, February 11, 2008

Our Lady of Valentine's Day Love

I get a weekly email from Our Lady of Weighloss, Janice Taylor's Kick in The Tush Club. After last night's navel gazing about my weight and eating habits, this was just the sort of Valentine I needed.

Check her awesomeness out!:

Motivational Musing The Greatest Love of All

St. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and I want to remind everyone that the greatest love of all is self-love. That’s right … hug yourself, love yourself, and if possible, bestow multiple gifts upon thyself this St. Valentine’s Day! (gift links below!) Self-love and weight loss go hand-in-hand and thigh-to-thigh, if you will. I know how it feels not to like myself and to lead a life of compromise. It’s a big, fat drag. And now I know how it feels to like – even love myself. I promise you, it’s a whole lot better and there’s no pastry, chocolate bar, or basket of bread that’s worth it putting self-love on the back-burner.

Love is an art that requires conviction, faith and daily practice. Self-love is within you, always available – ready to comfort and embrace. Fully accept yourself this St. Valentine’s Day. You deserve to love yourself, no matter your size, hairstyle (I had the ultimate bad cut a few weeks ago and struggled with self-love.),or I.Q. (my brother was the smart one!).

Five Fabulous Tips on How to Exercise Your Self-Love

1. Write out a list of all the things you like about yourself. If you are short on ideas, ask a couple of good and kind friends. (Caution: steer clear of critical relatives.)

2. To get your day headed in the right direction, start the morning with a few self-loving affirmations. Write them first and then say them aloud. “My loving energy flows through me and out into the universe, connecting with all the Gods and Goddesses of love.” (Okay, a little over the top. I like a touch of drama.)

3. Every night jot down three things that you are grateful for. “I am grateful that I love myself.”

4. Praise and compliment yourself as often as possible. Criticism is soul crushing. Praise builds. “Wow, that chocolate smoothie I just whipped up was awesome". "I am great.” “And woo hoo! Girlfriend, look at yourself in those tight-ass jeans.”

5. Look adoringly at yourself in the mirror. Accept yourself just the way you are. No kidding, you are really fabulous. No need to wait. Love yourself NOW.

Thank you, Janice!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Whaddya Wanna Know?

My new job?

It's going fine. I like the work; it's different enough that I have a challenge. It's also familiar enough that I don't feel I'm completely starting over. The team has some.. er.. interesting dynamics. I got some great advice before I left my last department and I'm taking it to heart: lay low, learn a lot, keep your mouth shut and stay neutral.

Right now, the best part of the job is that it's 8-5, Monday through Friday. The whole family's enjoying it as I've worked some incredibly kooky hours over the last year. Unfortunately, the schedule's not likely to be quite as good after March 1st. I'll need to bid for my shift and I am truly low man on the totem pole. The good news is that they have people who really like weekends and people who really like nights. Most likely, I'll be home most of the weekend and in time to kiss kiddos goodnight.

What am I going to do?

Nothing.. and everything. Learn as much as I can, try to contribute to the team in as positive a manner as possible. Remember that I'm not there to make friends and that there are dues to pay everywhere you go. Above all, learn as much as I can and enjoy the opportunity to stretch my wings and make a bit more money.

My health?

In a phrase: diabetes sucks ass. Everytime I start feeling like I have a handle on what my numbers should look like, surprise! I'm wrong. It's becoming a me versus food sort of struggle. I feel extremely guilty about the numbers being off which causes me to get mad which in turn results in inappropriate eating behavior. The obvious result is that I then have even worse test results than before. My fasting blood sugars have yet to run in the numbers my doctors want. They added a second medication, trying to help.

What am I doing about it besides whining?

I give up something for Lent every year, even though I'm not Catholic. I believe in the excersise: self restraint and sacrifice as a means of purification and learning self control. This year, I gave up sugar sweets, particularly nightly desserts. At present, I get huge cravings for sweets after most meals but especially after dinner and before bed.

For the next 40 days, I am giving up anything that qualifies as dessert and a lot of other items that revolve around huge amounts of carbs or sugar. It's my choice, not my family's or my coworkers, so no whining if someone else wants a sweet either. It's my life, it's my choice and it's not their problem. I am allowing myself sugar free jello and gum for those times when the cravings get the best of me. I also realize that two huge sweet holidays come between now and Easter: Valentine's day and my birthday. Guess I'll have to find another way to celebrate.

So far so good; it's Sunday and no slips. My hope is that 40 days from now, I can look back on how it went and realize if I made it this far, I can make it all the way. Here's hoping.