Friday, June 15, 2007

The ABC's of Me

From Aynde:
A - Attached or single? Attached for (knock wood) life to my Cowboy.
B - Best friend? Cowboy, Aynde and Cara.
C - Cake or pie? Cake! Anything Oooey Gooey and Fudgey!
D - Drink of choice? 32 oz of ice cold water with 1 tblspn of apple juice mixed in.
E - Essential item? Treo755p
F - Favorite color? Deep rich red
G - Gummi bears or worms? Bears but too many make me yak.
H - Hometown? Laramie, Wy.
I - Indulgence? Miso Soup, Sashimi and Tempura Nuri (that's calamari or SQUID if you REALLY want to know)
J – Jail? Er... technically, I have been arrested twice. For my dogs(long story both times). I have never been actually put in a cell, just processed and then released when I paid the over due fine.
K - Kids? 5! MadManda. SuperShel, WondrousWill, PrecociousPat and CommandanteCheryl
L - Life is incomplete without? Projecting positive energy and learning everything you can.
M - Marriage date? June 4th, 1994
N - Number of siblings? 1: Alex.
O - Oranges or apples? Apples. Granny Smith
P - Phobia/fears? Water. Deep, dark water.
Q - Favorite quote? All it takes is faith and trust. And a little bit of Pixie Dust.
R - Reasons to smile? Everything!
S - Season? In Texas? Fall in the Rockies.
T - Tag three. Cara, Virushead, MadManda
U - Unknown fact about me? I am allergic to pineapple.
V - Vegetarian or oppressor of animals? If They didn't want us to eat meat, They should not have made animals out of Meat.
W - Worst habit? Worrying about things I cannot control
X - X-rays or ultrasounds?? Mostly ultrasounds. Five babies. Lots of Jelly on the belly, see your baby on the telly!
Y – Can you Yo-Yo? No, yo?
Z - Zodiac? Pisces and BOY, am I!

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