Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Surprise. I'm back. And other surprises.

I am having gastric bypass surgery at the end of the summer. Surprise!

Nearly ten years ago, I started thinking about this option. I knew people who had it and did very well, some not so well. I noticed surgery wasn't a cure for addiction issues, emotional problems or low self-esteem. I sympathized with the what appeared to be incredibly difficult (and sometimes disgusting) side effects of a stomach (or pouch) the size of a golf ball. Sometimes I agonized with them while they struggled with the same dragons they'd been fighting all their lives.

Obviously, this decision wasn't a cure all. People I knew who were.. well, damaged going in, remained damaged on the other side. Damaged with a pouch instead of a stomach and maybe a smaller ass but still damaged. Someone I know who was an addict before is an addict still, still goes in and out of rehab on a regular basis. He's just an addict with a smaller pant size.

I spent years reading websites like and learning about patient's experiences, insurance company fights, private pay woes, weird side effects.... and amazing sucess stories.

I learned about the Lap Band, the duodenal switch, the Roen-y and everything in between. I had no insurance and we had no money. My ass expanded in destitution.

Things have changed, a lot. I've thought, a lot. I've researched, a lot. "A lot" has just lost it's meaning for me and now looks like alien.

I am doing this. I'll tell you why, piece by piece. In boring detail. If you want to know (or suffer from insomnia), stay tuned.

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