Friday, January 4, 2008

Nerd Search 2008

If you didn't read my MSN Blog, you might not be familiar with Nerd Searches. I haven't posted one in a while, so maybe an explanation is in order. After this, I'll begin to put them off to the side and you can check them out if you feel like it.

I come across weird things that trip my interest in everyday life, I'm sure you do too. For me, I must then go find out as much about them as possible. I read an article on MSN recently about a certain kind of whale that is believed to live up to 200 years. Off to Google I go, plugging in "Whales" and I end up spending three hours reading everything from Wikipedia to the National Cetacean Institute's website.

Today, I am reading (or re-reading as an adult, not under Mom's duress) The Once and Future King. I run across this phrase at the end of Chapter Six of "The Queen of Air and Darkness:"

(Plot Summary) Arthur has just announced that he intends to make Might work for Right by introducing a code of chivalry, making it popular to be good in hopes of winning over his detractors and uniting his country.

The magician stood up as straight as a pillar, stretched out his arms in both directions, looked at the ceiling and said the first few words of the Nunc Dimittis.

A new Nerd Search is begun: What is 'Nunc Dimittis?'

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Madam Amy said...

SpiderWhale!! haha