Friday, January 4, 2008

Inspiration from the Radio

Fridays I don't have to be at work until 10:30AM so I generally run a few errands before toddling off. It's been a gloomy couple of weeks but finally the sun is out. I left off my sunglasses and let it shine through eyelashes; a cheap and most effective cure for wintertime blues.

Big Yellow Taxi: it's really hard to screw up this song, no matter who sings it. Joni knows how to spin her words and chords. Shelley and I sang out loud together as we came home from the store.

Fire and Rain: JT never fails to cheer me up but especially those super hits. Did you know that his Greatest Hits album is one of the most continuously well sold of all time? More singing out loud as I drove to work.

If You Leave: I'm a product of the 80s. I can't hear OMD without bopping, singing and thinking of Molly Ringwald.

Combine sunshine, first thing in the morning productivity, these great songs and the newest from Starbucks: Skinny Mocha Lattes and my morning started off great!

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