Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Want To Know

I want to blog but my brain has serious "hamster on a wheel" syndrome (it won't shut up long enough for me to concentrate on one thing). I give up. Instead, here's a list of things I want to know. Feel free to answer any you like or add your own questions -- in other words, lurkers, I know you are there, please speak up, especially the one of you living in Alaska!

I want to know:
  • When did I learn how to figure the Lowest Common Multiplier to a string of numbers in my head? I know there was a point when I could not do this at all, I know approximately when I learned to do it on paper. When, exactly did I transfer this knowledge to my head?
  • Why can't I explain how I get the Lowest Common Multiplier in a way that makes any sort of sense to another rational adult?
  • Why is it that 12 people working in Las Vegas can't take as many calls per hour as nine people working in Temple, Texas?(this question, believe it or not is completely unrelated to the previous two)
  • Whatever happened to a 'free education system? I got the list of school fees for the kids today. Sheesh!
  • Speaking of fees: what exactly does the fee for Honor's English cover, considering that MadManda has to purchase separately each of the books she'll be reading in the class?
  • Where the heck is the Weight Loss Bandwagon? I swear I only got off it for a second; now it feels like it's MILES ahead of me.
  • Which artificial sweetener is Starbucks using in it's Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce syrup?
  • Where are the executable CD's for my two Heroes of Might and Magic games have wandered off to?
  • Can I download songs sung by the King Kamehameha Children's Choir on iTunes?
  • (MadManda wants to know): Why is 'Superman' a butt head?
  • (Retro wants to know): Are you going to finish eating that?
  • (Will wants to know): Is riding on an airplane scary?
  • Is it Friday yet?


MadamMandy said...

I have no idea.....but argh

John said...

Riding on an airplane is scary if you're expecting something dangerous to happen, but if you can forget about the scary stuff you think might happen, it's really relaxing.

There's a handful of songs on iTunes by the "Kamehameha School's Children's Chorus," but I'm not sure if that's the same thing or not.

Paying for school sucks, I went to a private school up until college, and we had to pay the tuition for that and all of the taxes for regular public school. Although I did use the public school's buses, but they're legally required to give me that.

Maybe the fee for Honors English covers a trip to an Edgar Allen Poe fest or something. Some of our sophomore honors class went to that (I didn't, I had a soccer game or something).

I find explaining the way your mind works doesn't work too well unless you use metaphors or have really understanding friends, and math really doesn't work well with metaphors.

The Las Vegas people can't take as many calls because they get breaks to go down to the casino.

I have no idea where your CDs are, but kudos to the Might and Magic. I've got a Might and Magic game for the Sega Genesis I never got to beat.

'Superman' is a butt head because honestly, we men are born with a much larger percentage of butt in our heads than women.

Eric said...
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Eric said...

The Honors English fee is for all the manual labor involved in cleaning up the dangling participles. They're just grody!

I think handling money helps with the lowest common multiplier thing (i.e. what denominations make up the total). Have you become rich lately without telling us???

I've been chasing the weight loss bandwagon so long, you'd think I'd have lost some myself. Nope... still the same.

*HUGS* Missy! Now put that brain to rest. Brains only create problems (well, I guess sometimes they solve them, too).