Saturday, July 28, 2007

Little Things

It's funny how the tiny things can make such a difference to us: the smallest irritation or perceived sleight can become worthy of hours spent whining and bitching (to ourselves or others). On the other hand, fifteen minutes spent in quiet meditation (or prayer, if that works for you) can bring us such peace, contentment and clarity; a small, inexpensive excursion you do for yourself, your partnership or your family can mean more (and be better remembered) than the Grand Vacation that cost a bazillion dollars and everybody argued the whole time.

Back on MSN I liked to periodically list the things that were making me happy. Here's my first "Little Things Making Me Happy" on Blogger

  • Meditation (what? You saw that coming? Ah. So much for subtlety): A quiet room, a quiet mind, sweeping out the cobwebs, draining out the boiling anger, letting in the sunshine, pulling up my own energy and that of the Source to calm me and give me purpose.
  • Music: iPod, live, sung to myself, on the computer, on the radio. Celtic, 'Spiritual', Rock, Country, Alternative. Music to fit (or change) my mood, makes me happy.
  • Small Rituals: Meditation, having a cup of tea in a cozy shop, scrubbing the heck out of myself in the shower, cleaning house (I do this one SO rarely!). Little rituals keep me grounded, centered, content.
  • Gratitude: saying thank you over and over again all day long. Thanks for things I take for granted: smooth highways and fast travel. Electricity, running water. Sunshine after clouds, rain after heat, spring after winter. Asking for what we need and getting it.. somehow, even when it seemed hopeless. Being gifted what I never knew I needed until somehow gave it to me without strings.
  • Children: five awesome people on their own journeys. It's a struggle and a pleasure but the joy of participating in their lives is never without reward.
  • Work: Learning a new function, pulling thousands of pieces of disparate material into a report tells us how we're doing, drawing a good wage(AND INSURANCE!) for a job I find challenging and enjoyable.
  • Learning: Picking a subject and finding out everything I can. Talking, reading, listening, watching and learning. Expanding my horizons.
  • Serendipitous Moments: The tea shop that I found on the net-- that wasn't open for another 30 minutes--just so happened to be located next to a spiritual bookstore that was, open, I mean. Finding just the right purse, after months of fruitless searching, when I took Cowboy someplace he wanted to go instead (and having it be 80% off too!). Moments that make me tingle make me happy.
  • Anticipation: The boys are going out to Washington to see my parents, my parents coming out here to see us, Amanda's dog arriving, back to school, my brother's wedding, my children and husband meeting my grandfather for the first time, our first ever (mini)vacation as a family to Rushmore after Alex's wedding.

What's making you happy? Sit quietly and think about it. If you can find nothing to be happy about, look for one small thing about which to be grateful. There is something, even if you have to dig. Hold it in your mind and feel other things you forgot start to occur to you. Revel in the knowledge that you are loved, somewhere. You are provided for, somehow. Feel yourself filled with a warm glow when you realize these things.

Use that energy.

Pass it on.


John said...

I'm a big fan of meditation, although I've only gotten into it relatively recently (the past year). It always seems to help everything else I do if I make sure to take the time to be in the right frame of mind first.

Right now I'm happy because I'm listening to "Lazy Eye" by the Silversun Pickups. I heard this song on the ride back from dropping off a girl that I work with, and listening to this song makes me think that these people really care about their music, because it's just such an awesome song.

MamaChristy said...

John, thank you so much for stopping by; I couldn't agree with you more. LOVE your blog's premise! I am all about forgiving; it's good for everybody, all around.

Manda R P said...

I've noticed how much you love meditation and how much it helps after the dream i did it and i felt so much better

Aynde said...

the drinking of the Diet Dr. Pepper. I am seriously additcted to the stuff. I am pretty sure they put heroin in it.

reading the sookie stackhouse books (southern vampire series) by Charlaine Harris. They are silly good fun.

Going to the library.

Watching the bollywood goodness.

teasing and chatting with the Tax Deductions.

Playing parcheesi with StudHombre.


how I have my sisters fooled into thinking I am so smart. heh.

grilled fish and nan. dal makhani.