Friday, August 24, 2007

My Wishes for Alex

Little brother, I'm so happy for you and so proud of you! I finally understand why mom always cried during beautiful pieces of music and happy parts of movies (I am sooo my mother's daughter).

Alex, I wishes for you:
  • May your bond be like the strong bonds you've been surrounded with all your life. May you take the steadfast, stubborn, longlasting love we saw in our grandparents and parents into your own marraige.
  • May you find in Deena a real partner, a woman you know you can share your whole self, even the grumpy in the morning, unshaved and messy haired self with.
  • May you be both a leader and a follower in your relationship, learning and becoming the teacher by turns.
  • May you be comforted and offer comfort as it's needed, that you can become to her what she has been to you.
  • May you have what you need, yet know the pride of self-reliance.
  • May you work together to accomplish your goals; nothing is so satisfying as sharing these experiences.
  • May you suffer crises, that you can know miracles and recovery.
  • May you argue, that you can make up.
  • May you have met someone who compliments your attention to detail with flexibility, your devotion with respect and honor.
  • May you have found a partner who makes you want to work and to grow.
  • May you find tenderness and intimacy in quiet times, a sense of humor and steady temper in loud ones.
  • May you have found someone who gets your jokes, even the really dry ones.
  • May she mean as much to you as Bill means to me, that to lose her would be losing a part of yourself.
  • May it be forever.

I love you.

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