Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm Not Fooled About This Either

Someone in my department thinks it makes crappy news less crappy to give it snappy name. Snappy is a subjective term. Often, the only subject who really finds such things snappy is the person doing the snapping. Unfortunately, no one has adequately explained the concept of treating adults like adults to our management staff. We are still talking about the company that sponsored a death march in 100+ degree heat last year and called it a "team builder."* Thus, everytime management announces mandatory overtime they call it something like "Overtime Blitz", "OT Bonanza" and the latest "Overtime-A-Palooza."

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We're not fooled people. Mandatory overtime with a (not-so) snappy name is still overtime that is - wait for it- mandatory. If my employers put it out as a business need and didn't try to dress it up, they might find us less resentful. When people grumble about the latest, it's not generally the number of hours we're asked to contribute, it's the stupid names and activities that put a bad taste in our mouths.

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Supervisors and production managers of call centers, factories or production floors, just a tip: ice cream and balloon animals are great. At a kid's birthday party. A handshake, that ever welcome time-and-a-half on our paychecks, and if you must, grown up snacks (PLEASE GOD, NO MORE BUBBLE GUM!!!) are much more appropriate for adults. On behalf of Skilled Non-Exempt Employees everywhere: thank you and good night.

Oops. I almost forgot: The question on the 'management performance assessment' you are filling out which pertains to grammatical and spelling accuracy contains a typo. Coincidence or irony?

*For reference:!91AA1DCBA39C409C!1211.entry


Aynde said...

you know what? They show up with a plate of hot wings and some free movie tickets and i'll work as much overtimes as they want. Bubblegum and balloon animals??? They are jsut begging to come to work with a gun and plenty of ammo. *laughs*

Mad Madam Manda said...

watch em bring in a clown and pogo stick.

NO, A plate of orange chicken and movie tickets

Chris said...

I'm with Aynde and Manda on this one. I will work for good food (or at least volumes of it), but not for baubles (bubblegum or otherwise). They must not watch The Office or read Dilbert either. Or they think it applies to someone else's set of cubicles. Can't stand management...

MamaChristy said...

Now hot wings, orange chicken and movie tickets would all be plenty welcome. Why can't YOU guys be my managers?

Chris, what I don't understand is that taken on their own, these are smart, sensible people. I can only assume they pump some kind of laughing gas into the conference room where this stuff gets dreamed up.

Mad Madam Manda said...

No, if they bring in Hot wings, Orange chick and movie tickets, You'd never leave (except to use the movie tickets)