Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Resolutions? Bah! The Leaves are Changing

It's January 6Th. I'm guessing, and you're probably hoping that this is THE LAST New Year's Resolution Blog entry you'll read this year. I procrastinate, plus, I was really busy. Honest. The highlights from Christmas and New Years:

It was a joy for to see my brother, sister in law and tiny niece. BONUS! They took a gas stove that had been taking up space in our garage for almost five years. Win win. Oh and the bad weather only made a 6 hour drive down into a two day drive home for them (sorry, guys).

Christmas Dinner at the in laws was relaxed and stress free, for the most part. Lowlight: my daughter and Sargent David nearly skunked me at Cribbage. Hiighlight, watching Sargent David give Mistress Shanna a field sobriety test in their own kitchen while we all offered support and suggestions. Family bonding moment.

Cowboy and I attended a White Trash New Year's Bash where we won a prize for best couple's costume. Not particularly sure if that's a compliment.You be the judge:
I had to work New Year's Day but the highlight included getting to say "I know something you don't know! I am not left-handed, er, well actually, I sort of am!" while playing ping pong during a system issue. Yep, that's right, I am an ambidextrous ping pong paddler. HA!

This year, instead of resolving not to sin (or maybe too sin? now that sounds like fun), I am looking at my life in terms of trees. Some trees lose their leaves and start new ones from time to time, other trees-- evergreens, keep their 'leaves' all year.

There are habits I picked up and personality traits I treasure. These are my evergreens:
  • Placing a high priority on my nutrition and personal needs. I know how I got where I did, what it took to get back to where I am and what it takes to stay here.
  • Making time for the kids even when life gets busy
  • My love of learning. Anything. Anytime.
  • Date nights and downtime with Cowboy so we remember why we like each other
  • Willingness to teach others what I know for their development and my future delegation benefit

Habits I want to develop, I will think of as new leaves(examples):

  • Blogging more often and with more quality
  • Leaving work at work
  • Taking breaks and lunches at work

Finally, there are some leaves and branches I may want to prune:

  • My sedentary lifestyle is the one remaining habit of obesity that I haven't done enough to change. I want to move more to live more.
  • Newly acquired and hopefully short lived smoking habit. Nasty disgusting habit, it can go, thanks

My inability to let go. I want to let go of not being able to let go? Tough one. That might take a few
Here's to growth for those things I need, endurance for those things I want to keep and letting go of those I don't.


Aynde said...

You started smoking? woah.

I MUST see the photos from teh White Trash New YEars Bash. It jsut sounds fun!

I like your tree analogy and I can feel ya on some of those things.

Polly Prissy Pants said...

I am still mulling over (not to be confused with simple mulling which involves spices) your tree and leaves analogy. It is intriguing and I really like it. It is also encouraging to read what you said about knowing how you got where you were and knowing what it took to get where you are etc. For some reason I feel personally empowered by that. Thank-you,thank-you, thank-you!

MamaChristy said...

I did start smoking, Aynde. You have no idea how hard it was to write that here. On a blog where I pretend to be such a great positive influence. On a blog that my mother reads.

Polly, I believe in you, do you?