Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happiness Is... (and some stuff that drives me crazy)

Lots of things make me happy but some things also drive me crazy. I think this calls for two bullet pointed lists, don't you?

First: Things that make me crazy:

  • It drives me crazy when I wake up at 5:48AM on the first day of my vacation. Retro was happy about it, though. It was all his fault anyway; he pushed me off the bed. How does an 18lb dog take up an entire king sized bed?
  • It drives me crazy that I cannot shut down my work-brain while on said vacation (and use that energy to think up great blog topics).
  • It drives me crazy when my children ask me if they can do things they aren't supposed to do at moments when I'm distracted. They then blink those big innocent blue eyes which I mistakenly gave to them in my genetic material and protest 'but you SAID I could, Mama!' Sneaky sneaky little children.
  • It drives me crazy that my To Do list never diminishes (I also love this, look for it later)
  • It drives me crazy when I am completely unable to think of good blog topics which causes me post bullet pointed lists instead (and the occasional Princess Bride reference) just to keep you reading
  • It drives me crazy when three hapless circus folk kidnap me while I'm out on my ride and drag me to the Gildor Frontier, OH and when my fiance tries to murder me on our wedding night. (see? You're still reading, aren't you?)
  • It drives me crazy when I procrastinate. I should work on that. Later.

Whew! I feel better.

Things that make me happy:

  • Bullet points in blog posts
  • Fuzzy (any shade) pink heart print pajamas
  • The crew at MY Starbucks who know exactly how much to put in my Shot in the Dark with lots of room
  • Wearing my pink heart-print fuzzy pajamas into Starbucks with my Cowboy. We've started making a run together before he leaves for work on my days off (the days I actually take off). Oh and the fact that they don't even blink when I do this
  • Inside Jokes that aren't that inside
  • Being an important part of an organization at work and a family at home
  • A To Do list that never diminishes
  • Deadlines (I do not stay focused without them)
  • Sometimes ignoring my deadlines
  • Sweaters
  • Singing Christmas carols unnecessarily loud in my car
  • Great sex!
  • Gilmore Girls Season 4
  • My grandmother's recipe for Cocoa Log (Bunche Noel for you, Julia!). My parents faxed me a copy of the recipe which looks very much like it was typed on a manual type writer. It makes me think that my grandmother may have typed it up. Even though it's a faxed copy, it makes me feel a little closer to her and this time of year, that's a good thing.
  • The thought of my brother and his family coming for Christmas, maybe the start of a new Christmas tradition?
  • The thought of the lasagna AND smoked ribs we're serving for Christmas Eve dinner (which I will be eating with my brother and his family)
  • Listening to my children describe their favorite Christmas rituals, none of which involve spending money.
  • Cheryl wiggling on the couch next to me even though I've asked her to stop about five times. This also drives me crazy. There's one sure-fire way to fix it.

I must go.. she needs to be tickled. A lot.

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