Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happiness is..

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Things making me happy today.

  • Grocery shopping without needing to use an electric cart or oxygen
  • Guiltless Pasta-Free Lasagna recipe I created for dinner that turned out totally YUM!
  • Looking at 1/2 cup of said Lasagna, thinking it won't be enough. Twenty minutes (and 20 bites later) being completely satisfied with just that much
  • Seasons 1 - 6 of X Files on DVD
  • Seasons 1 - 3 of Angel on DVD
  • Peanut butter toast (and being satisfied with only half a slice)
  • More energy, wait, I mentioned that, sort of, but it gets another mention
  • Teen aged children who talk to me and who sometimes listen when I talk to them
  • A happy healthy hubby
  • Great naps
  • Great sex
  • My new Sprint Wireless Internet card that came the day after I ordered it and is almost as fast as cable or a corporate LAN
  • The kind of relationship with my mom where we can really REALLY talk
  • A visit from Cara last week that's still making me feel good this week
  • Really great emails and phone calls from friends and coworkers
  • Meeting a 'old friend' face to face for the first time and finding that we click just as well in person as we did in cyberland
  • Being who I am today.
  • Being where I am today.

1 comment:

Aynde said...

Awesome list!!!

I have been meaning to call you but every time I remember it's either too early or too late. You look great BTW.

Much love to you. I am going to steal your list.