Friday, December 14, 2007

Well, They Said They Wanted 'Over The Top'...

D, C and I started planning in October for our cubicle's Christmas decorations . I can't remember who said it, but as we sat on Friday afternoon, it occurred to us that it'd be totally fun to turn our cubicle into a Gingerbread House. We googled for many different pictures of our subject, got good ideas, sketched and brainstormed away.

Building Maintenance and Management advised us that we could not put anything up before December 10th, but we were way ahead of them. In November, we ordered two rolls of 'b-flute' 1/2 corrugated from We cut it into four foot strips to fit the cube walls. Some we scalloped for the roofing and glitter snow applied. The shutters were cut and spray painted white. The weekend before the 10th, D and C started assembly while my children and I cut out and glitter sprayed hundreds of gumdrops.

We've made little enhancements all week, up until today, when we declared we absolutely had to finish up the project. Please pardon the pictures; I took them with my cell phone and .. er.. tried to 'fix' them, which is problematic at best. I hear Santa might be bringing me a nice little digital camera so I can photo blog more often.

Anyway: the Gingerbread Cubicle! Tell me what you think!

Detail of the windows, which we decided to change at the last minute. I'm glad we did!

No such house would be complete without the tree:

I may have had to cut back on the sugar, but I still know how to make a little something sweet.

Merry Christmas!


CabbyZ said...

Yes and D is *still* trying to get the glitter out of her hair!

Very cool anyway!

Heidi said...

Now THAT is a gingerbread cubicle!! Wow!!!!

Merry Christmas, dear heart.

Aynde said...

That is the coolest!!!

great job! Did you win??

Muchas Smooches!

(getting a phone on the 31st. will call you first thing! Make it to KY in one piece but man have I got stories......)

Chris said...

Nice work! The only thing I could make my cube look like is one of Pigpen's dirty snowmen...

You ladies are definitely displaced elves!