Friday, October 26, 2007

Task Completed

I was cleaning out my Tasks lists on the Treo this week and came across this item I meant to turn into a blog entry.

Entry: "Elephant Peeking at Me"
Ren Faire - June, 2007: Remember that I went to have a Tarot reading at the Ren Faire? The wonderful old lady, Norma, who read for me likes to take her time with clients; it took her almost an hour to get to me.

Norma and her partner, a palmist, had a nice shady space with covered benches for clients waiting their turn. The rear of the space is a fence; the parade staging area is on the other side. I enjoyed people watching all the interesting types going past the booth. As I sat, I noticed over the fence, lots of activity as the faire participants got ready for the parade that runs through the whole park several times a day.

A snuffling noise made me turn from from watching people pass by the booth's front. One of the faire's two elephants had been stationed to wait his turn just behind Norma's booth; while he was there, apparently decided to say hello to me. I was so charmed! Perhaps I'm being niave but it was so fun to have an elephan reaching out his trunk to say hello to me. The handler came and took him away shortly, but not before he and I exchanged smiles and nods of a friendly sort. The whole experience added to the magic of the day.

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Aynde said...

He wasn't saying hello!! He was saying "hey you look halfway normal. listen - how about you take my trunk and lead me out of the geekdom and set me free in the wild plains of Kansas? No really I can't take much more of these SCA bozos. I'm begging you lady - Help ME!"

BTW I wanted to go to the Ren Fest here but it was EXPENSIVE. Entrance alone for me and the kids would have been around 50 bucks. That doesn't include lunch or beverages or souveniers. GAH!!!